Risk management tools

Manage your trading operations with our Risk Management tools

  1. Limit and loss protection order
  2. Account Leverage Management

Manage your account leverage

Thanks to our platform, you have the opportunity to trade with or without high leverage. You can control your capital by depositing and withdrawing funds and you can also control the value of the General position by opening or closing positions. You can view your capital and other important information on the "My Account" tab on the left side of the Home page.


You have placed $ 200,000 (your capital is $ 200,000) and now you are buying oil at a price of $ 200,000. You are now trading with a leverage of 1 (without leverage). You have placed $ 20,000 (your capital is $ 20,000) and now you are buying oil at a price of $ 200,000. Now you are trading with a leverage of 10.

Remember that the commission for transferring a position overnight includes any position that is carried overnight.

Loss Protection, Order “Take Profit” and Order on Limit Establishment

  1. Order on protection against losses - It can be added to tenders before they are opened or by editing an open position. Traders can set an exit point for a winning trade.
  2. Order "Take profit" - Contrary to the Order on protection against losses, traders can set an exit point for a winning transaction.
  3. Limit order - Traders can open a position with a buy or sell order at a predetermined rate. The trader's goal is to buy or sell at a price more favorable than the market rate.

Amazon shares are trading at a rate of $ 305.95–306.95 (Sell / Buy) You have bought 15 Amazon shares. You want to set a limit on losses of up to $ 150. You have placed a loss protection order at a price of $ 296.95. Amazon stock prices fell to $ 296.95 and then to $ 292. Your position will be closed at $ 296.95. Your loss was: 15 x (306.95 - 296.95) = $ 150.


It takes only 2 minutes to create a valid account on the site. You should hurry to open an account in order to get the maximum benefits from the partnership with the J.Investment Company now: a bonus system, a high degree of protection of client funds, as well as a variety of transfer methods for deposit accounts.

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