Trading CFD indices with the J.Investment Company

Trading CFD indices with the J.Investment Company

Stock indices of contracts for difference are financial instruments that display the value of the index of groups of exchange companies. Trading CFD indices provides you with a wide range of investment opportunities. You can get potential profit from both increasing and decreasing market conditions.

Expand your portfolio

Trade major international indices such as S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, GER 30, JPN 225, and get instant access to global industries and economies

No commissions! - Fixed spreads

Fixed spreads between buy and sell prices. Take advantage of trading without a commission!

Leverage CFD Trading

Use small amounts of marginal capital to achieve the effect of trading on large amounts. It should be remembered that leverage increases both the size of profit and the amount of loss, therefore, caution is required when using leverage.

Real-time Index Rates

Start trading now and get access to free real-time index rates. Constant updating of schedules in real time allows for a long-term analysis of changes in rates.


It takes only 2 minutes to create a valid account on the site. You should hurry to open an account in order to get the maximum benefits from the partnership with the J.Investment Company now: a bonus system, a high degree of protection of client funds, as well as a variety of transfer methods for deposit accounts.

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