How to make money on Forex

To make profit on Forex, you need to buy currency cheaply and sell expensive. The use of leverage in trading opens up enormous opportunities to earn. In order to learn how to choose the optimal leverage, a trader must have experience in trading, have a good knowledge of his own temperament and set real goals.

What is leverage?

Leverage is a loan that a broker provides for you to buy currency in the Forex market. Its value may be different, but the maximum amount that a broker is ready to provide you with maybe 500 times more than your own funds. But the main thing is that you can’t lose the money of the broker, even if you want. That is, the option in which you become a debtor is excluded.

Is it really possible to make money on Forex?

The profit opportunities in the Forex market are truly impressive and real. History knows many examples of the phenomenal increase in capital in financial markets. There are quite a few books in the J.Investment Company library about prominent traders who knew how to make money on Forex trading.

One of the records in 1987 was set by the American trader Larry Williams, turning the starting 10 thousand into more than one million dollars per year (i.e., its profitability amounted to 11000% per annum).

This is a prime example of how to play Forex and achieve great results. But records are records. Speaking of more mundane expectations for profit from Forex trading, people who do not want to risk their own capital much should adjust to a yield of 100% per annum. In turn, more risk-prone people who are willing to devote considerable time to the market can regularly earn a profit of 10-30% per month.


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