How to choose a deposit size

Nowadays, there are barely no restrictions on the size of the deposit which you can use in the financial market. In order to independently determine the size of your deposit, first of all, you need to determine the financial goals that you set for yourself in the market. In fact, your expectations from the market are directly related to the size of the deposit that you plan to use to achieve your goals.

The ratio between the starting deposit and your financial goals depends on the degree of risk that you assume in your trade. For example, using a low leverage, you can focus on the monthly profitability of your trading operations at the level of 20-30 percent of the size of your deposit.

If you decide to start working in the financial market with a small deposit, it is important for you to realize that any of your incorrect decisions can lead to the loss of the entire deposit. When working with a small deposit and a desire to make tangible profits from trading, you are forced to use a large leverage and take great risks, which in fact does not give you the right to make a mistake.

A large deposit combined with a small leverage allow you to withstand a series of loss-making transactions and achieve a positive trading result.

If you are at a loss in determining financial goals in the financial market and the optimal size of your deposit, consult your personal manager for advice. To consult with a personal manager of the J.Investment Company, you will need to register a trading account.


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