About CFD Trading

CFD is an opportunity to earn not only on usual currencies, but also oil, gold, metals and stock indices. CFD (Contract for Difference), will allow you to engage in online trading and earn on price movements for goods or indices without the full ownership of these assets. The price of contracts moves step by step with the price of the asset that they represent (underlying asset). If, for example, the stock index grew by 5% per week, then you can be sure that the corresponding CFDs also showed an increase of 5%. Using CFDs, it is equally easy to take both a short position and a long position by index. Trading Contracts for Difference is similar to trading futures for individual indices or products, you just do not need to open accounts on various exchanges, but your account with J.Investment Company is enough.

CFDs for major stock indices and oil can be traded directly in the J.Investment Company client terminal, without waiting for your order to be executed on the exchange and without wasting time on costly transfers of funds and assets between accounts and depositories.

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It takes only 2 minutes to create a valid account on the site. You should hurry to open an account in order to get the maximum benefits from the partnership with the J.Investment Company now: a bonus system, a high degree of protection of client funds, as well as a variety of transfer methods for deposit accounts.

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