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About Us

Financial trading is our calling. For more than a decade, J. Investment Company has been helping its clients to make payments in trading operations, gain access to liquid funds and manage risks. Occupying leading positions in the market, we give counterparties the opportunity to carry out traditional trade in contracts for the difference in prices with stocks, goods, currencies and indices. Our organizational strength, practical experience, advanced technologies and an extensive network allow us to provide our customers with a functional global trading platform at the right time for them and in the right place for them.. J.Investment Company offers its customers round-the-clock support and solutions at the level of international standards. Our carefully designed web and mobile trading platforms allow customers to carry out all trade-related operations, from the purchase order to the payment. J.Investment Company provides round-the-clock access to trade from anywhere, providing visibility, speeding up the trading cycle and reducing costs, while simplifying and optimizing the trading process.

Address: Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300 Zug, Switzerland Email: Phone number: +(41) 445 20 69 45


It takes only 2 minutes to create a valid account on the site. You should hurry to open an account in order to get the maximum benefits from the partnership with the J.Investment Company now: a bonus system, a high degree of protection of client funds, as well as a variety of transfer methods for deposit accounts.